Every American answers two fundamental questions.

Your values might be liberal or conservative.

What is your answer regarding power?

Foundations of the Political Circle

Simplicity is the prime requirement of any spatial political model because a complicated construct will never achieve widespread adoption. The political circle is almost as simple as today’s dominant left-right-only model. But it avoids the limitations. Despite its surface simplicity, the new model is built on an intertwined set of underlying assertions. An apt analogy … Continue reading Foundations of the Political Circle

My Conversation with Charles Marohn

Chuck Marohn has been advancing our understanding of citizen-centric approaches for many years. He leads Strong Towns, an organization that empowers local communities. Here’s a link to my recent chat with Chuck about the political circle …… BLAKE PAGENKOPF: REBOOTING OUR POLITICAL OPERATING SYSTEM You can also access the conversation I had with James Howard … Continue reading My Conversation with Charles Marohn

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