This blog is written for the person who is looking for useful insights into the problems facing America (and other societies around the world). Its goal is to help you to discuss today’s conflicts with others, without falling into the typical patterns of discord or conformity. My posts start with the assumption that you already know what you believe, and that you’ve identified the public figures who support, or oppose, those beliefs. I don’t try to change your values or your orientation toward power. I do try to place all partisan viewpoints into a framework that allows their differences to be better understood.

My background is in architecture and I’ve written two books that explore the use of spatial constructs within political analysis.

If you’re new to the idea of the political circle, and would like an overview of the theory’s foundation, I recommend beginning with The Structure of Political Positions. It’s a “one-sitting book” that explains the limitations of America’s dominant left-right paradigm. It also examines the advantages of shifting to a broader model.

My other book, The Great Conflation, is a much longer explanation of the same thesis (i.e.: more difficult reading).

I hope you find the posts on this blog to be useful. Please feel free to provide any comments.

Blake Pagenkopf

Contact: blake-at-pagenkopf-dot-net